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Never stop trying. Never stop believing. Never give up.


Our Mission

ST Project proposes solutions to the problems of financial instability and lack of opportunities to build connections for students and researchers, and to achieve equal opportunities and improve quality in the fields of education and research.

Our Mission

Project Outline


We are a project that aims to provide education and research opportunities to students and researchers around the world.


ST ResearchHub

A unique online venue for researchers and students to promote themselves and obtain funding and connections.
Bringing innovation to the fields of education and research through a wide range of features, including an NFT marketplace, online course offerings, and partnerships with companies and universities.



STCoin, a proprietary cryptocurrency, allows every participant to provide support to researchers and students using the ST ReserchHub. 

Project Outline


Token Name: STCoin

Ticker symbol: ST

Total Supply: 500,000,000,000

Contract address: 0x3394f112F6F985591D160a3bd9f2c6e1722280F5

Decimals: 18


50% - Marketing and Partnerships

20% - Community incentives and rewards

20% - Project team

10% - Advisors

Ecosystem&Use cases

STCoin allows financial support to students and researchers who work in ST ResearchHub. 
Students and researchers can use STCoin for educational, research, and living expenses.

Offering money

Transaction of academic NFT 

Research results, academic works and artworks can be minted as NFT, published and traded on the ST ResearchHub. Every participant can purchase these NFTs with STCoin.

Use of special events

Events and seminars are offered for STCoin holders, providing an opportunity for like-minded students and researchers to network and self-develop.

Collaboration with partner companies

ERC-20 standard-compliant STCoin for faster and more transparent exchange of R&D funds and ST ResearchHub for sharing research results and knowledge enable smooth collaboration between industry and academia.


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